uppada silk sarees

Uppada sarees magical weaves of brides

After kanjivarm and Banaras sarees, uppda silk sarees are the most sorts out for Indian women during the auspicious occasions like wedding. They are a popular option for women because of their reasonable price range and uncompromised legitimate looks. These wedding sarees are named after a place Uppada which is located in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh and is available in wide verities to address the needs of saree enthusiasts across the world. Many online stores today are bringing these classic sarees to the doorstep of women with simple clicks. These sarees are known for gracious looks combined with rich color and texture. Though older traditions restricted the availability of these wedding sarees in pure cotton fabric, changing trends and demand has expanded the availability of cotton silk and silk material.

Occasions they can fit in

Uppada silk wedding sarees are available in medium price range of 5000 to 20000 in Indian currency. They are a perfect fit for the auspicious occasions like a wedding or even festival gatherings. They can turn to best alternatives for the people who cannot afford for an expensive range of wedding sarees like Kanjivarm or Banaras sarees but looking for uncompromised looks in the wedding ceremony.

Why should you buy uppada sarees?

The availability of these uppda wedding sarees in varying colors and patterns makes them a preferred choice for women who look out for huge options while choosing a saree for the wedding ceremony. This feature of uppda wedding sarees allows the bride to match the attire with the groom and ensure their looks as couple standout in the occasion. visit kanjivaramsilks.com uppada silk collections . They are available in varying price range and it would depend on the amount of zari wedding saree has. Though they stand next to kanjivarm and Banaras saree in giving uncompromised look, they are light in weight and give you great comfort while wearing them.  The saree is made of quality silk and cotton so assures longer life. You can find these uppda sarees in online stores at an affordable price and they have even turned out as an option for celebrities to get that gracious look in the traditional wear while enjoying a great comfort in handling them.  These sarees are made in a nonmechanical way which is known as Jamdani method. This art of weaving the saree is practiced solely by hands so, it takes two months to finish a super piece of work.  Unique color combinations designs and patterns available in these wedding sarees make you stand out in the crowd irrespective of the occasion you wear it. Like any other silk sarees,uppda sarees can be a perfect fit for any style of draping right from Gujarthi to Kerala style.


Every wedding saree needs perfect maintenance for longer shelf life and uppda silk sarees are not an exception. Only dry cleaning is recommended for first time washing of the sarees, hereafter you can use a mild detergent to wash the saree. However, the saree should be dried giving little or to exposure to sunlight for longer shelf life.