Tips for buying wedding saree Online

buying wedding sarees online : Online shopping is becoming more famous and it is considered as money saving as well as time saving shopping option in your busy days. Another good thing is the vast collection of sarees that are available in online stores. There are many reputed textile companies started their online selling platform recently. But according to my knowledge, purchasing from a well-known textile doesn’t mean you get a good product. Many big textiles are spending crores in advertisement itself. So what you think they will adjust the money with? If you are spending your hard earned money on something, you need to be sure that you are spending it on a right product. We always value your money, Here are some useful tips to buy a wedding  saree online.

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  • Go to the online store, read product reviews.

As I said earlier, a famous online wedding store doesn’t always give you the best bridal Kanchipuram saree. You cannot simply judge kanchi silk sarees as you buying other dresses from online. There are no brands for Kanchipuram wedding  sarees. Always prefer to read the product reviews carefully, I repeat the word “carefully” because there may be fake reviews but you can identify by the style of writing, repeating words, and sometimes repeating sentences when you read the reviews carefully. Check star rating also.

  • Compare the Price.

You are going to spend some thousands on a saree, so you have to be cunning. Before buying a saree from one online store, please check if the same saree is available in any other website. The price may be differing according to the different sellers but what if you can find the same saree from same manufacturer with a less price from another website? It is possible. So try comparing prices.

  • Look for direct weaver websites.

Some of the weavers like us started to sell wedding sarees directly via online that will help to reduce price and buyers can directly negotiate with sellers. There is no middleman in the process, so customers can get the sarees at wholesale rate. source: wedding sarees collections

  • Be careful with Duplicate products. Read Return Policy carefully.

There are many online apparel stores sell duplicate materials which cost very less but they will charge as they are original Kanchipuram wedding sarees. Read the return policy of the online website carefully before placing an order from that website. Some websites are very tricky, they will not accept any return and you will be get cheated. As they mentioned everything in their website you cannot go for any legal actions against them. Please read Return policy carefully before buying from any online stores. Some products may also have a separate return policy. There are more to be noticed while you are purchasing from an online store, read that too.

  • Ask Help from your shopaholic friend. Their experience may help you.

Some of your friends may have purchased earlier from online and that experience will help you to choose the website from where you can purchase good bridal sarees.

  • Look for Discounts and offers.

You may get good discounts and offers since there are competitions between online sellers also. Many online bridal saree websites are giving festive offers and seasonal offers. If you are a regular visitor of the online selling website, you may have the knowledge about the best time to purchase. Make sure that the discount you are getting is trust worthy.

  • Prefer Cash on Delivery.

If you are buying a wedding  saree from an online seller for the first time, you can prefer cash on delivery. Once you get the product you can have a quick check before the payment. That will help you to stay away from the cheaters.

  • Stay focused on your needs.

You may find a large variety of silk sarees while you are purchasing from any online store. Don’t fall away from your needs. Have a clear idea about the fabric, style, color and the most important thing “Budget”. Streamlining your needs will help you to choose the right wedding saree from the diverse collection of silk sarees.

  • Make use of the Chat box.

The biggest mistake everyone makes while purchasing from any online store is, they never make use of chat options on that website. Chat options are created to give an interactive platform to customer with the sellers. You can chat with sellers, sometime with the weavers (If you are buying from direct weaver websites like kanjivaramsilks). You can even bargain and sometimes it will help you to get the Kanchipuram sarees at an unbelievably less price.

Hope you now have a detailed and clear idea about things to be noticed while buying Kanchipuram bridal sarees, all the best for your silk saree shopping.