Kanjivaram sarees

Kanjivaram  sarees are not just sarees, they are a symbol of proud for every woman owns it. Kanchipuram  city, from where the Kanjivaram  silk sarees are woven is famous for temples and also for hand woven silk sarees and even called silk city. kanjivaramsilks.com  kanjivaram sarees are weaved from pure mulberry silk thread and the zari for the making is coming from Gujarat. There are hell lots of Kanjivaram  saree sellers available in south India and all over India, but finding a right seller and finding your right saree is not that easy as you think. Selecting a best kanchipuram saree is not less than finding your soul mate. In simple words the money we spend on a saree shouldn’t be worthless. If you are ready to spend a 4 minute of your time, this article will help you to learn about.

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  • How to find out an Original Kanjivaram Saree?
  • Best Places to Buy Pure kanjivaram
  • How to maintain these Sarees? Kanchi Silk saree maintenance Tips.
  • Things to consider when buying Kanjivaram sari online.

We will go one by one and you will get much information’s that will help you to find your best kanjivaram  saris.

  1. How to find an Original Kanjivaram Saree? Here are some Tips.

While living in a world of duplicating, there is no doubt Kanjivaram  silk sarees also can be made of non-silk materials with low cost and there is a big chance you will get cheated by these sarees because they are not that easy to identify. If you are getting a huge discount, you should ask many questions to the seller. You should think that Discounts are not for your good, but for selling their goods. Here are some tips that will help you to determine the purity of your Kanjivaram  saree.

  • Burn some threads, ashes will tell you the Truth.

This may seem unfair while you are purchasing from a Textile shop, there may be fire alarms, but the question is, Do you want to get cheated? If the answer is “No” you can do this test. Collect some threads from your Kanjivaram  silk saree (the golden or silver colored threads). Burn it till it become ashes. When the treads stop burning, you gently press the ashes with your finger. It will crumble into powder if the silk was pure. While burning, you will get a smell like hair burned. If this things can be noticed, the silk used in that Kanjivaram saree was pure.



  • Find your zari good or bad.

Pure Zari is made by dipping a red silk thread covered with silver to 22k gold. Get some threads (Zari) and try to pull out the gold covering with your nails. When the gold covering is removed, you can see the inner thread. The inner thread should be in red color irrespective of any saree color. If you find out the thread is white or any other color it is not a pure one.

  • Check The Thickness.

You should also check the thickness of your Kanjivaram saree. A pure kanjivaram  sarees are usually thick.

  • Pallu of the saree should be Glossy.

Kanjivaram silk sarees usually have a Glossy pallu. So check the pallu of your saree very close.

  • Look for the Silk Mark Label.

Silk board of india has come up with a quality mark, that is awarded only for pure silk sarees. Look for this silk mark label before purchasing any silk saree from India. If you already purchased and if you are curious to know whether tour Kanchi saree is original or not? You can go to the Zari test facility by Indian government situated in Kanjivaram  District. You can test your zari there for just 40 rupees and you can get a confirmation. If you are buying from a direct weaver, silk mark may not be there, so you can opt for Zari test facility. click here for kanjivaramsilks.com online silk fabric sarees


Best Places to buy Kanjivaram  wedding sarees.

There are thousands of shops to sell these sarees, but which one will be the best? This is a big question that arises while you planning to buy a Kanjivaram  sari. If you want to be 100% sure and if you are ready to spend a little bit higher price, you can go to any silk society located in Kanjivaram  district, Tamil nadu. The problem with these silk societies, they maintain a minimum variety of kanjivaram  silk sarees. If you are looking for many variety of kanjivaram  silk sarees, you can opt for Prakash Silks or A.S Babu shah located in Kanjivaram  district. If you are away from Tamil nadu and you may not able to go directly, there are some genuine weavers who selling these sarees online like www.kanjivaramsilks.com .