How to maintain wedding sarees

The best thing about wedding silk sarees is, it can be wear by women of any age. So preserving your wedding saree is a good thing. Many woman’s preserve it because it may be their wedding saree to. Here are some washing tips for Wedding sarees as well as drying Tips. For buying bridal sarees check bridal collection sarees

  • Avoid the usage of Soap for first 3 wash.

If you bought it recently, you shouldn’t use soap for the first three wash of your wedding saree. I prefer to use cold water that is sufficient for first wash.  

  • Use mild Detergent.

After first three washes with only cold water, it is necessary to clean the dirt. You can use very mild detergents to wash your bridal sarees. Wash pallu, Border and the main body separately for better maintenance of your wedding saree.

  • Wash it separately.

Avoid washing your wedding saree with other clothes. Colored clothes may have the tendency to detach the color while washing and it may harm your wedding silk saree.

  • Avoid using chemicals for washing.

Some people may use some chemicals to get some good smell for clothes or to look it stiff and shine. Using these kinds of substances may cause damage to your sarees zari materials. So avoid them.

  • Avoid brushing the cloth

 The zari material used in your saree may be very sensitive and it will tear if you brush on it. So avoid brushing your wedding saree.

  • Use any protein shampoo.

The silk saree material is also a protein from the silk worms, sine a protein shampoo can enhance the protein richness of your silk material. Protein shampoo is most preferred for washing any silk materials. Mix the shampoo in cold or Luke warm water and the water can be used for washing the saree.

  • Do not twist to remove water.

As I say earlier, silk saree materials are easy to get damaged and if you twist your wedding silk saree as you do with your other clothes to remove water after washing will cause serious damage to your saree. You can roll the silk saree in a dry towel to get rid of excess water.

  • Dry it as soon as possible.

Don’t ever keep it wet for long. You should dry your wedding silk saree as soon as possible after washing. You can avoid direct sun light and dry it in shadow. It will help you to keep the color of the saree as a new one.

  • Keep it wrinkle free.

After drying you can properly iron it with a medium heat, and keep it your dress shelve separately in a carry bag. Keeping it separately help you to maintain the freshness.